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Signs of Vision Problems

What signs are there that my child has vision problems?

  • Does your child suffers unexplained headaches?
  • Does your child complain of blurry vision when looking closely at an object?
  • Can your child see objects at a distance clearly?
  • Does your child have problems with concentration?Does your child display signs of eye fatigue?
  • When reading is it common for your child to skip lines or words?
  • Is it common for your child to suffer car sickness?
  • Is it common to see red eyes in your child?
  • Do your child eyes turn away from parallel?
  • Does your child produce excessive tears?
  • Do you notice your child rubbing his / her eyes often?
  • Do they read at a very close distance?
  • Does your child complain of uncomfortable eyes?
  • Does your child get lost in familiar places?
  • Does your child reverse letters or numbers when reading?
  • Do they get confused between right and left?
  • Is there evidence of difficulty identifying shapes and names of the shape?
  • Does your child have difficulty maintaining eye contact?
  • Do you observe your child changing fixation on multiple objects?
  • Does your child have difficulty copying from the board?
  • Does your child have difficulty repeating instructions?
  • Does your child predict what will happen rather than read the text?
  • Is your child’s writing messy?
  • Does your child have difficulty with 3D shapes or understanding what he/she sees?
  • Is your child challenged when trying to visualise something in his/her brain?

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