Comprehension is the ability to understand the meaning or significance of information. The loss of comprehension is often associated with an abnormality in the binocular vision system known as convergence insufficiency or an abnormality in the focusing ability of the eyes known as accommodative insufficiency. Symptoms of convergence insufficiency include blurring of vision, headaches, eyestrain, double vision, and sleepiness. Symptoms of accommodative insufficiency include headaches, sensitivity to light, reduced near vision, occasional blurring of distance vision after prolonged near vision activities, and excessive eye fatigue. Most of these symptoms can affect reading and other near work leading to an inability to concentrate and loss of comprehension.

Most of the patients suffering from the above symptoms are benefitted by orthoptic training. Orthoptic training includes special eye exercises and vision therapy. Vision therapy involves the use of various lenses, prisms, training glasses, and computerized visual activities that can help train and optimise the entire visual system.

At Sydney Orthoptic, we diagnose and treat a wide range of eye conditions, and can help develop an individualized treatment plan to help your child comprehend better.

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