Poor Reading Speed

Poor reading speed can be associated with abnormality in eye movements and/or visual tracking. Many children with poor reading speed have unstable vision in both eyes and may complain about letters moving about causing visual disarray. They may suffer from symptoms of eye stress and strain and find it difficult to maintain focus over extended periods of reading.

Orthoptists are professionals who specialize in the study of eye movements such as binocular vision, amblyopia (lazy eye), and strabismus (squint); and development of vision. They focus on nonsurgical treatment of abnormalities of the visual system.

Most children with poor reading speed are benefitted by orthoptic training. Orthoptic training includes special eye exercises and vision therapy. Vision therapy involves the use of various lenses, prisms, training glasses, and computerized visual activities that can help train and optimise the entire visual system.

At Sydney Orthoptic, we are trained and equipped to understand the special needs of your child and can help develop a specific treatment plan to help your child improve his/her reading skills.

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