Concentration is the ability to focus one’s thinking exactly at the intended direction. Poor concentration can affect your child’s ability to give careful attention to detail and make him/her more prone to careless mistakes. Your child may easily get distracted and find it difficult to maintain focus and organise tasks. Your child may find it hard to be productive and meet deadlines. These can make him/her dislike, lose interest, or simply avoid engaging in specific tasks that require concentration.

Poor concentration is often a symptom of abnormality in visual efficiency known as accommodative insufficiency. Accommodative insufficiency is a focussing problem of the eyes particularly to nearby objects. Your child may find it difficult to maintain accurate focus to near work especially during activities such as reading. Children with accommodative insufficiency may also suffer from loss of comprehension over time. Symptoms may also include eyestrain, headaches, double vision, blur, fatigue, sensitivity to light, and trouble adjusting focus from one distance to another all contributing to a decreased level of concentration.

Children with the above symptoms are best managed by an orthoptistthroughvision therapy. Vision therapy, also known as orthoptic training, includes various nonsurgical techniques such as eye exercises, eye patches, prisms, lenses, and mirrors to correct or improve particular visual abnormalities.

At Sydney Orthoptic, we can help develop a specific treatment plan based on your child, to help improve his/her concentration and academic performance.

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